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Lunt 60mm Ha Telescope + Double-Stack 60 Filter

Lunt 60mm Ha Telescope + Double-Stack 60 Filter
Our Price:  £4,161.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Model:  L0551261
Brand:  Lunt
Telescope Type:  Solar Telescope

LS60THaDS50 Double Stack Telescopes

These telescopes with their 60 mm aperture and 500 mm focal length provide a very detailed resolution for observing and imaging the sun. However, with a weight of approximately 3 kg the telescopes can easily be carried by most photo tripods. The tube rings of these telescopes are fitted with a 1/4”-20 thread for mounting it on such tripods. The sensitive Etalon systems are well protected in the telescope tube installed and provide a bandwidth of <0.75 Angstrom. A integrated matched collimation lens set fully corrects on axis coma, astigmatism, and de-centering aberrations and provide a full spherically corrected flat-field solar telescope.

We offer these telescopes alternatively with our B600 or B1200 blocking filter to you. The larger B1200 blocking filter will be better for imaging, because it provides a smaller vignetting.

Normally these telescopes are equipped with a 2” Crayford focuser with 10:1 reduction. They are also available with the legendary Starlight Instruments Feather-Touch focuser, one of the best focuser in the world. Certainly also with 10:1 reduction.

All versions come with a robust aluminum-case as part of the standard package.

Delivered in the Box:

  • H-alpha Telescope with internal Etalon and 60mm Aperture
  • External 60mm Double-Stack Etalon LS60FHa
  • B600 or B1200 blocking filter in star-diagonal
  • 2" Crayford focuser or Starlight Instruments 2" Feather Touch focuser
  • Tube Ring with 1/4"-20 connection
  • transport case
Technical data:
  • Aperture: 60 mm
  • Focal length: 500 mm
  • Bandwidth: <0.75 Angstrom or <0.55 Angstrom
  • Tuning: tiltable Etalons
  • Blocking Filter: B600 or B1200 with 1.25" and T2 connection
  • Focuser: Crayford Focuser or Starlight Instruments Feather Touch with 10:1 reduction
  • Weight: 3.7 kg
  • Length: 47 cm

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