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Ball & Socket Panhead

Ball & Socket Panhead£19.00   £17.00

Universal 1/4" thread fitting.

Polar Meter

Polar Meter£49.00   £45.00

This accessory provides a compass with a bubble level and an altitude scale which can be used to help to locate Polaris.

Polarie Cradle

Polarie Cradle£129.00

Custom cradle to hold the Polarie Star Tracker on the Mini Porta or Porta II Mount.

Vixen  Barlow Lens Deluxe 2x

Vixen Barlow Lens Deluxe 2x£99.00

For telescopes with fast focal ratio.

Vixen 81mm Astronomy Binocular

Vixen 81mm Astronomy Binocular£929.00

This 81mm astronomy binocular delivers crystal clear, sharp views through its new optical design. 

Vixen A105M Achromatic Refractor Telescope

Vixen A105M Achromatic Refractor Telescope£799.00

A larger aperture version of the A80M, this OTA also offers an excellent first choice as a telescope but with higher light gathering power.

Vixen A80M Achromatic Refractor Telescope

Vixen A80M Achromatic Refractor Telescope£499.00

Perfect telescope for the beginner astronomer as it offers a lightweight and compact design and is supplied with accessories.
Vixen Aluminium Tripod SXG-HAL130

Vixen Aluminium Tripod SXG-HAL130£229.00

Lightweight rigid box section legs adjustable from 81cm to 130cm in length.

Vixen AX103S Quad Element Refractor Telescope

Vixen AX103S Quad Element Refractor Telescope£2,899.00

The latest in the Vixen refractor line and features a triplet ED objective lens and a rear field flattener lens.

Vixen BT-ED70S-A Binocular

Vixen BT-ED70S-A Binocular£1,999.00

The BT-ED70S-A uses ED (extra low dispersion) optics to reduce the effects of chromatic aberration

Vixen ED81S ED Refractor Telescope

Vixen ED81S ED Refractor Telescope£1,049.00

ED Glass Scope that travels with you!
Vixen Flip Mirror

Vixen Flip Mirror£89.00   £79.00

Allows to change between its standard 90 degree 1.25” eyepiece or the multi purpose eyepiece/photography port straight through, yielding 100% transmission.

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Page 1 of 2:    23 Results