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Baader FRINGE KILLER Filter£75.00  -  £108.00

The BAADER Fringe-Killer Filter minimizes unwanted blue fringing, comparable to a Minus-Violet-Filter, while retaining a very pleasing colour balance. 

Baader SEMI APO Filter

Baader SEMI APO Filter£73.00  -  £132.00

Baader's newest addition for Achromat owners


Baader CONTRAST BOOSTER Filter£72.00  -  £116.00

A unique filter for many different astronomical tasks. Incomparable in accracy to combinations of generic colour filters made of raw polished glass – where surface inaccuracy adds up in the optical wave front to an unbearable degree!

Baader NEODYMIUM & IR CUT (Moon & Skyglow) Filter 31.7mm

Baader NEODYMIUM & IR CUT (Moon & Skyglow) Filter 31.7mm£72.00  -  £119.00

Drastically improves contrast for all reflector telescopes, without loss of brightness!


Baader SOLAR CONTINUUM Filter£69.00  -  £151.00

Baader Planetarium Solar Continuum Filter

Celestron Planetary Filter Set - 1.25''

Celestron Planetary Filter Set - 1.25"£50.00

Colored filters can be used to bring out details on a planet’s surface or its cloud structure.

OVL O-III Narrowband Filters

OVL O-III Narrowband Filters£48.00  -  £75.00

The O-III narrowband filter is specially designed for the observation of gas and  planetary nebulae.

OVL UHC (Ultra High Contrast) Filters

OVL UHC (Ultra High Contrast) Filters£48.00  -  £75.00

The narrowband UHC filter isolates the two doubly ionized oxygen lines (496 and 501nm) and hydrogen-beta line (486nm).

OVL Clear Sky Filter (1.25'')

OVL Clear Sky Filter (1.25")£44.99

Blocks night glow and airglow, sodium and mercury emissions (but not UV or IV). 


OVL UV/IR CUTOFF FILTER (1.25")£43.99   £42.00

This UV/IR cut filter blocks UV and IR rays to maintain the colour temperature you want, eliminating false colour fringes around bright stars.

Baader 31.7mm ND Filter OD 0.9

Baader 31.7mm ND Filter OD 0.9£39.00

For perfect energy management during Lunar and Solar observation. NO reflections. NO stray light. NO ghosting.

OVL 1.25'' Lunar/Planetary Filter Set

OVL 1.25" Lunar/Planetary Filter Set£36.99   £35.00

Comprises 4 x high quality glass colour filters.  

OVL H-Beta Filters

OVL H-Beta Filters£29.99  -  £39.99

This high performance CCD filter transmits only the Hydogen Beta emission line, and therefore is useful for greatly increasing the contrast of objects that glow in the corresponding region of the spectrum, for example the Horsehead, Cocoon and California nebulae.

OVL Variable Polarising Filters

OVL Variable Polarising Filters£29.99  -  £39.99

Progressively dims the view when observing the Moon or bright planets whilst increasing contrast, reducing glare and increasing the amount of detail to study. 

OVL Light Pollution Filters

OVL Light Pollution Filters£22.00  -  £32.00

These contrast-enhancing filters are designed to block out the wavelengths of light emitted by mercury-vapour light and other common causes of light pollution. 

Celestron 1.25''Moon Filter

Celestron 1.25"Moon Filter£16.00   £15.00

Reduce glare and increase contrast of the Moon

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