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Vixen NPL Eyepieces

Vixen NPL Eyepieces
Our Price:  £55.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Model:  V79206
Brand:  Vixen

The 2-group 4-element Plossl design of the NPL series eyepieces offers flat and clear images with good colour correction. The NPL20, NPL25, NPL30 and NPL40 eyepieces feature twist-up eyecup. Fully multi-coated optics.

Description     Size        Apparent FOV    Eyerelief          Weight
NPL 4mm      31.7mm          50°                2.3mm          70g (2.47oz)
NPL 6mm      31.7mm          50°                3mm             70g (2.47oz)
NPL 8mm      31.7mm          50°                4.5mm          79g (2.79oz)
NPL 10mm    31.7mm          50°                6.5mm         80g (2.82oz)
NPL 15mm    31.7mm          50°                11mm          100g (3.53oz)
NPL 20mm    31.7mm          50°                15mm          110g (3.88oz)
NPL 25mm    31.7mm          50°                19.5mm       130g (4.59oz)
NPL 30mm    31.7mm          50°                24mm           120g (4.23oz)
NPL 40mm    31.7mm          40°                36mm           120g (4.23oz)

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