Flip Mirrors

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Vixen Flip Mirror

Vixen Flip Mirror£118.00

Allows to change between its standard 90 degree 1.25" eyepiece or the multi purpose eyepiece/photography port straight through, yielding 100% transmission.

Baader Q-TURRET Quadruplet Eyepiece Revolver

Baader Q-TURRET Quadruplet Eyepiece Revolver£47.00

Insert your favourite Ortho or Classic eyepieces into the revolver for a variety of magnifications at your fingertips.

Adaptor for Cameras with 1.25'' Nosepieces

Adaptor for Cameras with 1.25" Nosepieces£17.99

Has a 1.25" nosepiece, threaded for standard filters on one end, and an M42x0.75 T-mount thread on the other.

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