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Founded in 1949, Vixen Co. Ltd has been Japan’s leading manufacturer of Astronomical Telescopes, Mounts and Accessories for over 60 years. Responsible for the introduction of the popular GO-TO Controller and ‘world standard’ Dovetail Mounting System, the company has been instrumental in shaping the market in which it has operated both under its own name and as an OEM supplier to some of the world’s big astronomical equipment brands.

With a wide range of often cross-compatible equipment designed and manufactured for astronomers at every level, choosing a Vixen set-up means you can stay with the brand as your hobby develops, mixing and matching tubes and mounts according to the type of observing you want to do.

When you compare Vixen products to others, the difference is clear. The quality and workmanship is there to see no matter whether you are in the market for a lightweight grab-and-go Porta II altazimuth mount for a few hundred pounds or a high performance SXD equatorial mount at a few thousand. 

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Vixen AXD2 Mount

Vixen AXD2 Mount£9,428.00

High performance observatory-class equatorial mount

Vixen Sphinx Professional SXP2 Equatorial GoTo German Equatorial Mount

Vixen Sphinx Professional SXP2 Equatorial GoTo German Equatorial Mount£4,525.00

The SXP2 mount is a high-precision GOTO mount for demanding photographers with state-of-the-art STARBOOK TEN computer control with over 272,000 stored objects.

Vixen SXD2 Equatorial Mount

Vixen SXD2 Equatorial Mount£2,780.00

Heavy duty but portable astro imaging and observation platform.

Vixen Star Book Ten Controller

Vixen Star Book Ten Controller£999.00

The Star Book Ten controller is available for purchase as a standalone item only to upgrade the SX2 mount.

Vixen APZ Alt-Azimuth Mount

Vixen APZ Alt-Azimuth Mount£640.00

The ultimate high payload grab and go mount based on the Vixen AP EQ.

Vixen Polarie U Star Tracker

Vixen Polarie U Star Tracker£565.00

Vixen Porta II ALT-AZIMUTH Mount

Vixen Porta II ALT-AZIMUTH Mount£306.00   £289.00

The perfect “grab and go” mount!

Vixen POLARIE PF-L II Polar Finder with Light

Vixen POLARIE PF-L II Polar Finder with Light£272.00

The new design of the polar scope eyepiece improves the visibility of stars and makes the scale easier to read.

Vixen Aluminium Tripod SXG-HAL130

Vixen Aluminium Tripod SXG-HAL130£260.00

Lightweight rigid box section legs adjustable from 81cm to 130cm in length.

Vixen APP-TL130 Tripod

Vixen APP-TL130 Tripod£197.00

Vixen Mobile Porta Mount

Vixen Mobile Porta Mount£193.00

Vixen's Mobile Porta altazimuth mount at only 2.4kg (including tripod) is the lightest weight and most affordable mount in the range.


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