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LUNT LS60MT 60/70mm Multipurpose ED Telescope for Sun + Night-Sky

LUNT LS60MT 60/70mm Multipurpose ED Telescope for Sun + Night-Sky
Choose Blocking Filter Size: B600,  Choose Focuser: CrayfordChoose Blocking Filter Size: B600,  Choose Focuser: Rack & PinionChoose Blocking Filter Size: B600,  Choose Focuser: Feathertouch
Choose Blocking Filter Size: B1200,  Choose Focuser: CrayfordChoose Blocking Filter Size: B1200,  Choose Focuser: Rack & PinionChoose Blocking Filter Size: B1200,  Choose Focuser: Feathertouch
Choose Blocking Filter Size: No blocking filter,  Choose Focuser: CrayfordChoose Blocking Filter Size: No blocking filter,  Choose Focuser: Rack & PinionChoose Blocking Filter Size: No blocking filter,  Choose Focuser: Feathertouch
Our Price:  £2,830.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Model:  0551271
Brand:  Lunt

Modular designed multipurpose telescope, both for observing the sun in the H-alpha wavelength, as well as for night sky observations. Easy conversion between the different applications with a few simple steps. Excellent image quality due to 2-lens ED optics with 70mm aperture for night sky observation, and 60mm usable aperture for H-alpha solar observation with Lunt's innovative Pressure Tuning System!

Solar observing in H-alpha:
The LS60MT is a complete telescope for observing the sun in H-alpha light, with 60mm free aperture (no central obstruction) and 420mm focal length. The H-alpha wavelength is the most impressive way to observe the Sun, showing protuberances at the Sun's edge, filaments and flares on the surface, and much more. An internal Etalon filter achieves a bandwidth of <0.7 Angstrom with the innovative air pressure tuning system Pressure-Tuner. Tuning is done by slightly changing the air pressure in a pressure chamber inside the telescope. This changes the refractive index of the air, making it easy to tune to the H-alpha line. The pressure tuner guarantees a homogeneous image, without central obstruction, and a permanently protected Etalon without erosion. A set of collimating lenses installed in the telescope ensures best performance.

Fine adjustment is achieved with a either a 2 inch Crayford, 2 inch Rack&Pinion or 2 inch Feathertouch focuser with 10:1 reduction.

The B600 is good for visual solar observing. Also solar imaging is possible by cameras with small CCD chip. We recommend a LS60MT with B1200 blocking-filter by using cameras with middle or large sized CCD chips.
The B1200 is very good for visual solar observing, and also for solar imaging.

You can select a version of the LS60MT to be delivered without blocking filter. Therefore an additional blocking filter is required to use the telescope for solar observation in the H-alpha wavelength. You can choose from the wide range of Lunt Solar Systems blocking filters and decide for example if you want a blocking filter in a 90° star-diagonal housing or one in a straight extension tube.

The star diagonal in which the blocking filter is installed, is equipped as standard for 1.25 inch eyepieces and with a T2 camera connection.

Observing the starry night sky:
The H-alpha Etalon system can be removed from the telescope in a few easy steps thanks to its modular design. The 2-lens ED refractor can then be used as a normal telescope with 70mm aperture and 420mm focal length for observation and photography of the night sky. The ED Doublet lens will offer an excellent image. It can be used with a standard 2 inch zenith mirror at the Crayford focuser.
With an additional Amici prism, the telescope can of course also be used during the day for nature and landscape observations.
This makes the LS60MT, with its small dimensions and low weight, also an ideal travel telescope for all applications!

More applications:
With additionally available accessories the LS60MT offers even more possibilities!
- Double-Stack
The LS60MT telescope can optionally be upgraded with the additionally available double-stack filters LS50FHa or LS60FHa (part numbers 0550200 and 0550250). These filters will be simply screwed on the front of the LS60MT, no additional adapters are necessary. Thereby a bandwidth of <0.5 Angstrom is achieved for H-alpha solar observation. Therefore much more details on the solar surface will become visible.
- Solar observing in White-Light
If the H-alpha unit has been removed, of course either a sun filter to be installed in front of the objective, or a Herschel-wedge at the focuser can be used to observe the sunspots in White-Light.
- Solar observing in Ca-K wavelength
Certainly, the Ca-K filter modules from Lunt Solar Systems can also be used at the LS60MT to observe and photograph super-granulation and other effects visible in this wavelength on the sun.

This makes the LS60MT a completely universal usable telescope!


  • LS60MT Multipurpose Telescope
  • Pressure-Tuner
  • Tube ring with 1/4-20 connection for mounting on photo-tripods
  • Transport case (53x33x17cm)
  • Instruction manual

2-lens ED refractor, FPL-51
Aperture: 70mm
Usable aperture in H-alpha: 60mm (no central obstruction)
Focal length: 420mm
Bandwidth: internal Etalon with <0.7 Angstrom
Tuning: air pressure tuning system Pressure-Tuner
Blocking filter:
B600 with 1.25 inch and T2 connection
B1200 with 1.25 inch and T2 connection
Supplied without blocking filter, additionally available blocking filter absolutely necessary!
Crayford focuser with 10:1 reduction
Rack&Pinion focuser with 10:1 reduction
Feather-Touch focuser from Starlight-Instruments with 10:1 reduction
Tube-ring with 1/4-20 tapped base (standard thread for photo-tripods)
Weight with H-alpha unit: 3.8kg
Weight without H-alpha unit: 2.6kg
Length with H-alpha unit and blocking filter: 40cm
Length without H-alpha unit: 31cm

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