TS Optics 2x ED Barlow lens, 2 inch

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This "Deluxe Barlow Lens" offers the same high performance known from TS Optics 1.25" Barlow lenses, but allows you to use 2" accessories. Of course, a 1.25" adaptor is included, so you can still use your 1.25" accessories as well.

This way you need only one Barlow lens for all your accessories.

The ED Lens Element:

By using an ED element, colour correction is improved, resulting in a sharper image and better contrast.

Fields of Use:

The TS Optics 2" ED Barlow lens is ideally suited for visual as well as photographical applications. Its large aperture of 37 mm offers a fully illuminated field without vignetting with any 2" eyepiece.

The Barlow lens element can also be removed and then screwed directly into the 2" filter thread of your eyepiece or adapter. This results in a lower magnification factor.

This 2x Barlow lens is particularly versatile:

Visual Use - 2x
Just insert the Barlow lens between the eyepiece and the telescope and you will double the magnification. At the same time you will retain the comfortable eye relief of the longer focal length eyepiece.

Visual Use - 1.5x
Just screw the lens element of the Barlow lens directly into the filter thread of your eyepiece. The resulting magnification is reduced to about 1.5x.

Photographical Converter
Just screw the lens element of the Barlow lens into a 2" nose piece for your camera (like TS FA 2). This turns the Barlow into a photographical converter with a factor between 1.5x and 2x (depending on the distance between lens and camera sensor).

Glass Path Corrector
Binoviewers require a long back focus distance that most telescopes do not provide. With the Barlow element you can move the focal plane further out, eliminating this problem in most cases. The effective magnification factor is about 2.6x with most binoviewers..

Magnification Factor: 1.5 to 2x - visual
Optical Layout: 2 element design with ED Element
Clear Aperture: 37 mm
Coating: Fully multi-coated
Blackened Lens Edges: Yes. For suppression of internal reflections.
Clamp Mechanism: Precise lock by brass compression ring

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