Baader 2 inch MPCC V-1 Mark III Newton Coma-Corrector Set, Visual and Phtotographic

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Baader Planetarium

2" MPCC V-1 Mark III Newton Coma-Corrector Set, Visual and Photographic Version 

  • Coma Corrector for Newton telescopes, that neither does reduce the focal length nor the image field of your telescope
  • 46 mm clear lens diameter in M48 mode "_ enables exposures free from vignetting
  • Designed for fast f-ratios up to f / 3.5. Maximum sharpness across the entire image field
  • Phantom Coating Group, multicoated for maximum transmission and total freedom from reflections
  • Visual & Photographic Version consisting of:
  • 2" Multi-Purpose Coma Corrector (MPCC) Mark III photographic #2458400A
  • Focussing eyepiece clamp 1.25" to T-2 (T-2 # 08A) #2458125
  • VariLock 29, steplessly adjustable T-2 extension from 20"_29 mm (T2 #25Y) #2956929
  • Optionally recommended: Hyperion/Morpheus 2" Fine-tuning Stop ring #2958027

Please note: This set replaces the former set #2458402 for visual and photographic application of the MPCC Mark III. The old set consisted of a multitude of rings "_ but was not adjustable in optical length such as this new set.

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