Astronimik Filters

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Astronomik CLS Filter

Astronomik CLS Filter£71.00  -  £349.00

The Astronomik CLS blocks the light of the spectral lines of mercury and sodium-vapor lamps and lets the largest part of the visible light and H-alpha emissions pass.

Astronomik CLS-CCD Filter

Astronomik CLS-CCD Filter£89.00  -  £475.00

The filter enhances the contrast between all deep-sky objects and the background.

Astronomik UHC Filter

Astronomik UHC Filter£89.00  -  £214.00

You will enjoy using your Astronomik UHC filter because you will see more stars and more details in deep-sky-objects compared to using filters from all other manufacturers.

Astronomik UHC-E Filter

Astronomik UHC-E Filter£67.00  -  £268.00

The UHC-E filter is for deep-sky observation of emission nebulae and comets under light polluted skies, particularly suitable for small ’scopes.

Astronomik Deep-Sky RGB Filterset

Astronomik Deep-Sky RGB Filterset£98.00  -  £627.00

The new Deep-Sky RGB filters are designed for maximum deep sky imaging performance with CCD cameras.

Astronomik L-RGB Type 2c Filters

Astronomik L-RGB Type 2c Filters£85.00  -  £591.00

Our filter set especially designed for astrophotography with CCD cameras, providing a natural color reproduction of planets, stars, emission- and reflection nebulas.

Astronomik Luminance Filters (UV/IR Block) L-1, L-2, L-3

Astronomik Luminance Filters (UV/IR Block) L-1, L-2, L-3£53.00  -  £286.00

The different spectral window of each new Luminance filters is designed to tune your setup to get the sharpest image from any optical design and any camera.

Astronomik IR-Block Filter

Astronomik IR-Block Filter£53.00  -  £125.00

Put this filter in front of your camera and you will get rid of all problems caused by IR like bright halos around all objects and a very soft overall image.

Astronomik H-alpha CCD Filter

Astronomik H-alpha CCD Filter£116.00  -  £475.00

This H-alpha Filter is suitable for imaging of Hydrogen nebulas from observation sites with light pollution and from dark sites as well.

Astronomik OIII CCD Filter

Astronomik OIII CCD Filter£116.00  -  £466.00

This Astronomik OIII-CCD Filter is suitable for imaging of OIII nebulas from observation sites with light pollution and from dark sites as well.

Astronomik SII CCD Filter

Astronomik SII CCD Filter£116.00  -  £466.00

The SII filters completes your HSO-set of filters. With these three filters you are able to process your images like the ones from the Hubble space telescope!

Astronomik H-Beta CCD Filter

Astronomik H-Beta CCD Filter£116.00  -  £170.00

Astronomik H-Beta Visual Filter

Astronomik H-Beta Visual Filter£89.00  -  £206.00

The Astronomik H-beta is a filter for visual observation, in particular with instruments of larger aperture.

Astronomik OIII Visual Filter

Astronomik OIII Visual Filter£89.00  -  £206.00

From the start, the Astronomik OIII filter has been very specifically designed for the visual observation of gaseous and planetary nebulae.

Astronomik MC-Clear Filter

Astronomik MC-Clear Filter£31.00  -  £98.00

This Multicoated (MC) glass serves as dust protector or to keep your system parfocal with other Astronomik filters.

Astronomik OWB CCD Filter

Astronomik OWB CCD Filter£116.00  -  £179.00

Enables converted DSLR cameras (without inbuilt IR-filter) in order to be used for 'terrestrial' photography.

Gerd Neumann Dark Filter

Gerd Neumann Dark Filter£18.00  -  £26.00

A dark filter making the aquisition of dark-calibration frames a breeze!

Astronomik ProPlanet 642 BP Filter

Astronomik ProPlanet 642 BP Filter£58.00  -  £143.00

The Astronomik ProPlanet 642 BP is the latest addition to the family of Astronomik ProPlanet IR-pass filters.

Astronomik ProPlanet 742 Filter

Astronomik ProPlanet 742 Filter£49.00  -  £125.00

Ideal filters for the reception of the moon and planets, notably Mars, with telescopes from 6" (150mm) aperture.

Astronomik ProPlanet 807 Filter

Astronomik ProPlanet 807 Filter£49.00  -  £125.00

The effects of seeing are distinctly reduced. It is your entry into previously unknown dimensions of photography of the moon and the planets.

Gerd Neumann 1.25'' Methane Filter

Gerd Neumann 1.25" Methane Filter£179.00

Using this filter, you may use much longer exposure times to capture faint moons, rings or ring fragments as they do reflect sunlight and have no absorption band.

Aurora Flatfield Panels

Aurora Flatfield Panels£65.00  -  £899.00

The Aurora Flatfield Panel is a new light source technology for taking flat field images for use in calibration with digital images.

Adapter EOS-Clip to M48

Adapter EOS-Clip to M48£25.00

Use your Astronomik EOS Clip-Filter with all your eyepieces or even with a cooled CCD camera! 


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