Vixen 81mm Astronomy Binocular

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This 81mm astronomy binocular delivers crystal clear, sharp views through its new optical design. Its lightweight body ensures that you can take it to any observing location.

The air-spaced doublet optics in this 81mm are magnesium fluoride coated to help reduce the effects of chromatic aberration.

Mounting the binoculars is a simple process as they come supplied with a Vixen dovetail mounting bar for use with equatorial or altaz mounts. The dovetail bar also has 1/4" thread sockets for use with conventional tripod panheads.

An optional altaz fork mount is available and allows the binoculars to be used on the optional SX-HAL130 or SXG-HAL130 tripods. These provide a stable but lightweight tripod base for this excellent "space binocular".

Objective lens - 81mm achromatic, magnesium fluoride coating
Focal length (Focal ratio) - 480mm (f5.9)
Resolving power, limiting magnitude - 1.43 arc sec., 11.3
Light gathering power - 134x
Dimensions - L480 x W190 x H155mm
Weight - 4.1kg (9lb)
Visual back - 31.7mm push fit
Eyepieces (optional) - NLV and LVW with 31.7mm are recommended excluding LV8-24 Zoom
Accessories included - Finder bracket shoe, carry handle & dew shields
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