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Baader Adaptor SCT and 2 Inch (male) / T-2 (male)

Baader Adaptor SCT and 2 Inch (male) / T-2 (male)
Our Price:  £35.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Model:  1508035
Brand:  Baader Planetarium



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Adaptor 2 Inch (male) / T-2 (male)

Designed with internal 2 inch (m48) filter thread for direct DSLR coupling onto many  2 inch diagonals such as the very popular Herschel Wedge or 2 inch Maxbright Diagonal.


T2 male thread (M42x0.75) on one side,

On the opposing side SCT male thread (2"x24tpi) and 2" (48mm) female filter thread (M48x0.75)

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