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Baader Planetarium

Baader Q-Turret Eyepiece Set

Set contains:

  • Four high quality Baader Classic eyepieces: 6mm, 10 mm, 18 mm Ortho and 32 mm Plossl
  • Baader Q-Barlow 2.25x
  • Q-Turret quad eyepiece revolver
  • Astro Box #1
  • Resulting eyepiece focal lengths in this set:   2.7mm, 4.6mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 14mm, 18mm, 32mm

The Baader Q-Turret eyepiece set is a combination of the following parts:

  • Baader Q-Turret - quadruplet eyepiece revolver 11/4"
  • Baader Classic Ortho   6mm eyepiece (fully HT-multicoated) w. winged rubber eyecup
  • Baader Classic Ortho 10mm eyepiece (fully HT-multicoated) w. winged rubber eyecup 
  • Baader Classic Ortho 18mm eyepiece (fully HT-multicoated) w. winged rubber eyecup 
  • Baader Classic Plössl 32mm eyepiece (fully HT-multicoated) w. winged rubber eyecup incl. eyeguard extension  tube for 32mm Classic Plossl eyepiece
  • Baader Q-Barlow lens 2.25x (HT-multicoated) / w. dual factor lens (1.3x/ 2.25x) 
  • Baader Astro-Box #1 (M31), padded metal case w. window top 

Baader Q-Turret & Classic eyepiece set – offers maximum ease of use and a full spectrum of magnifications in one set.

Baader Classic eyepieces offer an optical quality level thought impossible in this price range, utilizing the original unmatched design of the very first Carl Zeiss Orthoscopic and Ploessl eyepieces - without any compromise in workmanship.  These eyepieces offer exceptional sharpness and contrast , featuring a 50° field of view, sharp field stops, and excellent ergonomics for a comfortable viewing experience. Modern true high-transmission (HT) multicoatings on all air to glass surfaces provide a remarkably brilliant view.

How to use this set of Classic eyepieces with 2.25x Q-barlow and Q-Turret

For 2.25x power the Q-barlow-lens cell can be mounted either into the barlow body (individual eyepiece holder) or directly into the 1¼" nose piece of the Q-Turret eyepiece revolver. Additional 1.3x option: mount the Barlow Q-lens cell straight into any of the four classic eyepieces. Due to the shorter spacing between barlow and eyepiece the magnifying factor changes from 2.25 to 1.3.

All four eyepieces can be rotated in the Q-Turret perfectly parfocally to change magnification in a wink. The lens with cell of the supplied 2.25x Q-barlow assembly can unmount from the 1¼" barlow-body and directly threads into the 1¼" nose piece of the Q-Turret for an additional set of four magnifications – also yielding a 25 mm gain in backfocus. Alternatively work with three eyepieces and a CCD-guider camera or planetary camera, to end up with a quad revolver that perfectly replaces a flip mirror accessory – perfectly parfocally for every piece of equipment mounted.

Options for use of the Q-Turret:

The quad eyepiece turret in this set serves more purposes than just holding these four eyepieces:

  • Mount your CCD-guider alongside three eyepieces and easily flip from aiming to guiding mode
  • Flip planetary cameras in and out, in perfect focus, with or without the added magnification of the 2.25x Q-Barlow lens
  • Compare any of your favorite eyepieces side by side in light speed while rotating them with the Q-Turret revolver perfectly parfocally.
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