Baader Flip Mirror II

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Baader Planetarium

Baader FlipMirror II

Various ports – variable work:

Telescope auxillary instruments cover a wide range of interests, from a sole eyepiece, via camera use, to high end spectroscopy. Unfortunately every telescope just features one exit port. This causes relentless manual exchange of parts in the dark, causing huge time loss, wear on the parts - and "nerves". And whenever you start controlling your telescope remotely - the single port becomes a painful reality.
Improving workflow, especially during astrophotography is the goal set out for the BFM II. This is not just a simple flip mirror but much more, as there are three ports to be put into action.

BFM II makes your single telescope port variable - to suit your various interests.

Baader-FlipMirror II (BFM II) with three ports:

  • Straight-through (M48/T-2 on both sides) for full-frame camera, spectrograph, or other instruments.
  • Top-mounted T-2-thread for eyepiece holder, video-module (up to 32mm diameter fov) - or even a binocular-viewer.
  • Bottom-port prepared to accept the optional Baader Off-Axis-Guider prism-assy (part of RCC-OAG #2956950) or an optional ThAr-lamp for motorized intermittent calibration of spectra.
  • Precision first surface mirror w. Enhanced-Al coating, for discriminating work w. small pixel cameras.
  • Backside of flip-mirror is also Al-coated and masked, to direct the light of an optional spectral calibration-lamp onto a spectrograph-slit.
  • Designed to enable precise adjustment of all optical pathways.
  • Shortest backfocus for each application - utilizing the wealth of adapters of the Baader Astro T-2 system, M48 system and UFC system.
  • front and rear M48 rotation-adjustment rings made from hardened stainless steel, matched to the BFM main body for zero play and for rotating and locking the BFM main-body in the optimum rotational alignment with any conceivable accessory equipment.
  • ​Readily accepts the Baader Universal Filter Changer system of parts (UFC system).
  • Prepared to accept an optional motorized timing belt - as a core-tool for remote imaging, guiding and spectroscopy.


  • SKU (#): 2458055
  • INNER CONNECTION (LENS SIDED): Thread, Dovetail ring clamp, S52, T-2 (M42 x 0,75), M48
  • INNER CONNECTION (EYEPIECE/-CAMERA-SIDED): Thread, Dovetail ring clamp, M48, S52
  • TYPE OF ADAPTER: Variable
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