Baader MARK IV Hyperion Zoom 8-24 mm eyepiece & Hyperion Zoom Barlow lens 2.25x Bundle

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Bundle: MARK IV Hyperion Universal Zoom 8-24 mm eyepiece & Baader Hyperion Zoom Barlow lens 2.25x mag

The set consisting of the MARK IV Hyperion 8-24 mm Universal wide angle Zoom eyepiece (#2454826) and the Hyperion zoom Barlow 2.25x (#2454654) results in combination in a zoom eyepiece with a large focal length range. The set covers all eyepiece focal length from 3.6-24 mm.

This set can only be used on all astronomical telescopes; use with tripods is only possible without the Barlow lens.

MARK IV Bundle contains the following items:

1) 1x Hyperion Universal Zoom MARK IV, 8-24 mm eyepiece with ClickStop Action (#2454826)

Versatile wide-angle zoom eyepiece with connection option for cameras.

Included Accessories:

  • 2 "(left illustration) and 1" (right illustration) barrel
  • 2" SC thread and 1 3/8" thread for spotting scopes
  • Eyepiece holster with belt-strap, which fastens onto many tripod legs just as well, to serve as a bin for all dustcaps that may go astray otherwise
  • Height-adjustable eyecup as well as a standard non-foldable and a winged rubber eyecup
  • Three dustcaps

2) 1x Hyperion Barlow Lens 2.25x (#2454654)

Increases the focal length of your telescope by a factor of 2.25, with docking adapters for camera (T2-system) and zoom eyepiece.

Inclusive Accessories:

  • T2 Photo-Adapter
  • Zoom-Eyepiece Adapter

The Hyperion ClickStop Zoom Eyepiece with 1" and 2" Connector

There is an old saying that there is nothing like an eyepiece with fixed Focal length, if it should be the highest image quality. But this zoom eyepiece is second to none fixed focal length eyepieces, saving especially during mobile use so you don't have to carry many eyepieces around.

The Hyperion Universal Zoom is a perfect solution for all hunter, birdwatchers and astronomers alike, it brings a whole range with focal lengths from 8 to 24mm in a single high-quality eyepiece! It lets you continuously zoom with Clickstops at 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24mm. The only difference to the fixed focal length is that the field also varies from 53 Degrees at 24mm focal length up to 68 degrees at 8mm. This eyepiece was "Reverse" constructed unlike most other zoom eyepieces: largest field of view and the sharpest image at the highest magnification.

Hyperion zoom Barlow lens - 2.25x

The 2.25x Baader Hyperion Zoom Barlow lens was designed especially to complement the Hyperion Zoom eyepiece. It converts the regular focal lengths of 8 to 24 mm to a range of focal lengths between 3,6 and 10,7 mm, while retaining the outstanding image quality for observing sun, moon, planets and double stars with high resolution.

The Mark IV Zoom, in conjunction with or without the Hyperion Barlow, covers all focal lengths between 3.6 to 24 mm.

The Hyperion Barlow works with every Hyperion 8-24 mm Zoom eyepiece ever produced. The barlow is attached onto the 1"-nosepiece. Because of the dual nosepiece of the Mark IV, it can be used at telescopes with 1" or 2" eyepiece clamps.

The Hyperion Barlow comes with a T-2 thread-adapter, to mount the Barlow in front of any camera or other accessories with T-2-threads. Combine it e.g. with a DSLR-camera in this way the camera body will be equipped with a 1 " nosepiece. The camera body just needs a standard T-ring to fit it onto any 1 eyepiece holder.

Attach the lens unit without the Barlow-adapter (A) directly onto many 1" eyepieces, whenever they do not already have an integrated barlow element. The result is a 2x Barlow with very good optical properties.

Some highlights of the Hyperion Zoom Barlow Lens

Triplet lens design for highest optical quality
Anastigmatic Flatfield Design for high sharpness all over the field of view
Baader Phantom CoatingTM Group for highest contrast and light transmission

Connections Eyepiece side
Direct connection to any Hyperion Zoom with Barlow-adapter A
T-2 (M42x0.75 mm) thread with Barlow-adapter B
1" filter thread without additional Adapter

Attention: The use of the Barlow lens in this package is only suitable for use in astronomical telescopes; Its use in spotting scopes is not possible.

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1 Review:

Superb all-rounder
03 June 2021  | 

The Mark IV Hyperion Zoom is a fantastic eyepiece for astro use as well as turning any small refractor into a versatile spotting scope for birds and wildlife. In combination with the included Barlow lens you get a hugely versatile package offering wide angle views of starfields through to close ups of the Moon and planets that push the limits of your telescope. It's very well made with lots of eye relief. The zoom mechanism is beautifully smooth with easy to feel and usefully placed click stops. Not the cheapest eyepiece around, but its optical quality and focal length range make it a steal at this price.

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