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Baader Optical Wonder Fluid

Baader Optical Wonder Fluid
Our Price:  £12.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Model:  2905007
Brand:  Baader Planetarium



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Baader Optical Wonder fluid is simply the best cleaning fluid we have come across. It completely removes finger prints and their acid residues, and forms a protective layer against bacteria and fungi which will damage glass and coatings. Whilst it is the most efficient cleaner, it is remarkably less aggressive than competing lens cleaners
Optical Wonder fluid dries completely without leaving any residue or marks, and when used alongside Baaders cleaning cloth, which has been specially designed for Telescope optics, it leaves a flawless finish.

Optical Wonder fluid can be used to clean without scratching all optical elements: eyepieces, objective lenses and even mirrors. 

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