Celestron Advanced VX Dovetail Bar for 8″/9.25″/11″ Telescopes

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  • Fits the pre-drilled holes in the front and rear cells of current 8″/9.25″/11” Schmidt-Cassegrain and EdgeHD Optical tubes
  • Aluminium bar with Celestron orange anodising provides a sturdy mounting platform.
  • Easy to install and comes complete with all necessary hardware

This dovetail bar kit allows you to replace the wider CGE dovetail bar found on most Celestron 8-11” Schmidt-Cassegrain and 8-11” EdgeHD optical tubes with a narrow dovetail, allowing them to be used on mounts that require the narrower CG-5 dovetail bars, such as Advanced VX mount or other similar mounts.

Length: 13″ (330.2mm) x 1.7″ (43.18mm) / 17″ (431.8mm) x 1.7″ (43.18mm) / 17.5″ (444.5mm) x 1.7″ (43.18mm)
Weight: 11 oz (311.8 g) / 13 oz (368.5 g) / 15 oz (425.2 g)
Optical Tube Compatibility: Current Celestron 8-11″ Schmidt-Cassegrain and 8-11″ EdgeHD optical tubes with the wide CGE bar
Mount Compatibility: CG-5 style dovetail bars


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