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Baader Planetarium

Note: Photo shows T-Ring with Filter. Filter is NOT included.

An extremely popular Accessory. Forget about dust in your camera or use filters without worrying about vignetting. The new Baader protective CANON T-Ring is precision milled to fit your Canon body as if it were a solid piece of metal.

This T-ring features three methods for adapting onto your telescope:

1) T-2 (photo)thread
2) M48 (Astro-filter)thread and 
3) Ultra-wide 2" Nosepiece for the largest available unvignetted aperture into the camera worldwide.

All 2" cell mounted and 50.4 mm un-mounted Baader-filters can be fastened into the Protective T-Ring to take pictures through any kind of filter while using various camera lenses and any kind of telescope.

Baader Zero Tolerance Protective T-Ring for Canon EOS is available in the following variations:

  • 2958550   zero tolerance Protective CANON DSLR T-Ring incl. large clear aperture 2" nosepiece and convertible T-2/ M48 female threads
  • 2958550C  zero-tolerance Protective CANON DSLR T-Ring w. clear filter incl. plane-optically polished dust protection clear-filter w. Phantom Group multi-coating
  • 2958550L   zero-tolerance Protective CANON DSLR T-Ring w. mounted UV/IR blocker/ L-Filter
  • 2958550N   zero-tolerance Protective CANON DSLR T-Ring w. Baader UHC-S Nebula Filter
  • 2958550H   zero-tolerance Protective CANON DSLR T-Ring w. Baader H-alpha 7nm Narrowband-filter

 Please see PDF for full fitting instructions.

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