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StarSense AutoAlign for Sky-Watcher Mounts

StarSense AutoAlign for Sky-Watcher Mounts
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Model:  94006
Brand:  Celestron



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StarSense AutoAlign for Sky-Watcher Mounts - No need to identify or locate any star in the sky ' StarSense will automatically align your telescope, so you can begin observing in minutes. Plug and play compatibility (see compatibility list).

Replaces the SynScan hand control, uses the Celestron StarSense hand control and StarSense camera. Comes with mounting bracket that is compatible with most Celestron and Sky-Watcher optical tubes.

3 AUX port accessories: Supports StarSense and optional GPS accessory.  Lightweight and easy to attach with the included tripod strap.

StarSense technology was innovated by Celestron's engineers, allowing a Celestron computerized telescope to automatically align itself with the night sky. It's never been easier to locate celestial objects.  Now, this technology can be ported to a computerized Sky-Watcher mount with this new Interface Box, further expanding the number of scopes that can take advantage of StarSense's revolutionary auto alignment!

How it works: StarSense camera and hand control both plug into the Interface Box and the Interface Box plugs into the mount's hand control port.  In minutes your SkyWatcher mount is aligned and you are off to the stars!

Compatible Sky-Watcher Mounts:    HEQ5 | EQ6 | AZ-EQ5 | AZ-EQ6 | EQ8 | AZ SynScan compatible mounts

Included Items:    

  • StarSense Hand Control
  • StarSense Camera with large and small mounting brackets
  • Cable, camera to mount
  • Interface Box

Compatible Sky-Watcher Mounts

  •     HEQ5
  •     EQ6
  •     AZ-EQ5
  •     AZ-EQ6
  •     EQ8
  •     AZ SynScan compatible mounts

Included Items

  •     StarSense Hand Control
  •     StarSense Camera with large and small mounting brackets
  •     Cable, camera to mount
  •     Interface Box

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