Telrad Reflex Sight Red Dot Finder

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The Telrad Reflex Sight Red Dot Finder is the best non-magnifying finder for Dobsonians, Equatorial Reflectors, Refractors and Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes. 

The Telrad projects a series of concentric red rings (4 degrees, 2 degrees, and one-half degree in diameter) on a tilted clear viewing plate at the top of the finder. These circles make it easy to starhop from object to object. If a galaxy is 10 degrees north of a known star, for example, two 4 degree Telrad jumps and one 2 degree jump from the known star will take you to that galaxy in seconds. The half-degree circle makes it easy to quickly center a computerized scope on guide stars for start-up alignment, and to center on planets, comets, and deep space objects if you"_re scanning the sky manually. The red circles can be seen from virtually any distance behind the Telrad, from two inches to two feet, so eyeglass-wearers can easily use the finder. 

Collimating knobs at the back of the Telrad allow you to line up the finder with your main scope optics. An on/off switch and integral rotary brightness control allow you to match the finder brightness to your eye"_s dark adaptation. The Telrad uses two 1.5V AA batteries 

Sky at Night Magazine:  "We loved the view through the Telrad and everything worked without fuss".

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