TS-Optics 0.8x Image Field Corrector 2.5" for Photoline Apo 130 mm f/7

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TS Photoline corrector and focal reducer 0.8x for astrophotography with the Photoline 130 mm f/7 Apo

  • Focal length reduction 0.8 times - the exposure time is reduced to 64%
  • Optimized for the Photoline Triplet Apo 130 mm f/7 - the corrector can also be combined with similar refractor telescopes
  • The corrector is also suitable for refractors with smaller apertures (from 102 mm) and shorter focal lengths.
  • Screwed connection to the refractor via the M63x1 thread - extension adapters, for example to the M68 thread, are available
  • 2" filter thread (internal thread) integrated in camera connector
  • Working distance 55 mm from the M48x0.75 connection thread (suitable for 130mm f/7 apos)
  • Very good field correction up to full frame

TS Photoline 2,5" Corrector and Reducer for Astrophotography
The corrector is calculated for the TS Photoline 130 mm f/7 Apo and gives optimal results with this telescope. The stars are imaged pinpoint up to the edge, even with full frame sensors.

The corrector is simply screwed into the M63x1 connection thread on the focuser. Nothing is pushed in, so that tilting is impossible. With optional extension adapters, for example to M68, the corrector can also be used for other telescopes.

The working distance from the M48 thread to the camera sensor
The working distance is exactly 55 mm, so the connection of an astro camera, for example from ZWO, is no problem, because with the cooled cameras the adapters to 55 mm are always included. Also DSLR and system cameras can be adapted without any problems. We are happy to help with the adaption.

Different working distance for Apos and EDs with shorter focal lengths:
The corrector can be used with refractors from 100mm to 130mm aperture. Here we recommend the following working distances (from the M48 thread):

  • Focal length 510-600 mm: Working distance 58 mm
  • Focal length 610-700 mm: Working distance 57 mm
  • Focal length 710-800 mm: Working distance 56 mm
  • Focal length 810-1000 mm: Working distance 55 mm
Type: 3-element 0.8x reducer and corrector
Suitable for: TS 130 mm f/7 Triplet Apo
Connection telescope side: M63x1 external thread
Camera side connection: M48x0.75 external thread
Working distance: 55 mm
Filter thread: 2" filter thread is integrated in the camera adapter - suitable for low-profile fog filters with max. 5mm housing height without external thread
Coating: Multi-coating on every glass-air surface
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