TS-Optics Carrying Bag with extra thick Padding - L=132 cm

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Transport case with reinforced padding for refractors from 120 mm to 152 mm aperture and up to 1200 mm focal length
♦ Internal dimensions: length 129 cm / width 22 cm / height 21 cm
♦ External dimensions: length 132 cm / width 25 cm / height 24 cm
♦ Extra thick padding for safe transport
♦ Water-repellent and high-quality workmanship.
♦ The bag is preshaped, so you can put the telescope more easily into the bag.
♦ Practical carrying handles for comfortable transport.
♦ Among other things suitable for: Newtonian telescopes up to 6" aperture and 1200 mm focal length, refractor telescopes up to 152 mm aperture and 1200 mm focal length or shorter
♦ Also suitable for smaller mounts up to EQ5 or high-quality tripods

TS-Optics high-quality carrying bag with reinforced padding for telescopes, mounts, survey tripods, ...
The carrying case offers optimal protection and comfortable transport. It is also ideal for storing sensitive instruments. The bag has a high-quality finish, extra thick padding and is water-repellent.

The TSBAG132 carrying bag is, among others, suitable for:
♦ Instruments up to 129 cm length and 22 cm diameter
♦ Refractor telescopes up to 6" aperture and 1200 mm focal length
♦ Dobsonian telescopes with 6" (150 mm) and 1200 mm focal length
♦ Newtonian telescopes up to 6" aperture and 900 mm or 1200 mm focal length, for example from Skywatcher, Celestron, TS-Optics, GSO, Orion, Bresser, Omegon, etc.
♦ High quality tripods, where special protection is required.

External dimensions (L x W x H): approx. 132 cm x 25 cm x 24 cm
Internal dimensions maximum (L x B x H): approx. 129 cm x 22 cm x 21 cm
Weight: approx. 2 kg
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