Vixen AXD2 Mount

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In the past, there were two different models of mount, such as the ATLUX mount. There was also the StarBook controller. Each of these devices was, at the time, innovative and powerful. With increasing use of DSLR cameras with high sensitivities which allow photographers to take truly breath-taking images, the demand for accuracy and more state-of-the-art technology has increased. Vixen has responded to these developments by developing the Vixen AXD2 mount. The aim was to create a powerful mountwith high accuracy, developed for both astro photography novices and professional photographers. Even advanced astronomers will find that the high performance and precise tracking pay off handsomely in observation and photography, and that they can achieve outstanding photographic results. Thanks to user-friendly operation, the AXD mount also offers novice astronomers the opportunity to get involved with astro photography, without having to have expert knowledge. Whichever kind of astronomy interests you, whether photographer or observer, you’ll be able to operate the mount with ease.

Robust construction and lightweight housing

uperalloy, the strongest aluminium alloy, is used for the R.A. and DEC axes. The stability of the A7075 superalloy is stronger than titanium, which is known for its strength as a lightweight material. Its thickness is 38% less than titanium. Using the A7075 superalloy for the axes ensures that the AXD mount is both lightweight and stable.

21 bearings

The rotating parts of the AXD mount have a total of 21 bearings. These ensure uniform motion in order to swivel the telescope and track objects.

Stepper motors

Vixen uses precise stepper motors for the mount in order to ensure optimal performance. The motors are controlled via a micro-step motion control system, which eliminates the disadvantage of stepper motors with large steps. The system generates 400 impulses per second at a high speed. This results in very quiet scanning with no vibrations. The stepper motors on the AXD mount have sufficient torques. This is most significant when working at high magnifications and photographing with a CCD camera with small pixel sizes.

Worm gears

The sizes of the worm gears were increased in the latest Atlux version. The AXD mount has 270 teeth in the R.A. axis and 216 teeth in the DC axis. Both axes are 50 mm in diameter. This ensures that the mount operates with precision and stability.

Low backlash

The Vixen micro-step motion control system ensures that the stepper motors run uniformly at low and high speeds. This eliminates the need for reduction gears in the motor and therefore reduces the backlash in the gears.

Elegant design

The flat sides of the mount were designed based on previous generations of the New Atlux range. The white and silver housing provides a modern and elegant exterior with high functionality. The AXD2 is the flagship model in the Vixen mount range.

Original motor layout

The solid R.A. and DEC motor units are arranged in the lower part of the mount. This means that they automatically act as a counterweight. As a result, you require far fewer weights on the counterweight bar. On small devices, no counterweight is required. The counterweight bar can be slid fully into the housing.

Polar finder scope

The AXD2 mount is equipped with a 6x20 polar finder as standard. The polar finder features an integrated scale, which provides a quick and accurate way to polar align the telescope in the northern hemisphere. For observations in southern latitudes, the polar finder features an image of the Octans constellation, which can be aligned with the night sky.

VPEC periodic error correction

Periodic errors on mounts are usually measured and corrected by the user. Unlike the old StarBook controller, the STAR BOOK TEN controller saves these errors permanently. The periodic error of the mount is measured in the factory and corrected before delivery. This is known as VPEC and functions automatically as soon as you use the mount. It delivers an accuracy of +/- 2.8 arc seconds. You can increase the tracking accuracy further by saving your own recorded periodic errors.

Additional features

The silver pitch circles have verniers. The German structure has been maintained in the development of the robust, lightweight AXD mount. All electronic components in the mount are fitted to a circuit board to simplify wiring. The mount is equipped with an extremely reliable electrical circuit board.


  • 30 kg load (photographic)
  • Illuminated polar finder with direct star setting
  • Periodic error: accuracy of +/-2.8 arc seconds
  • VPEC periodic error correction
  • Retractable counterweight bar
  • Modern STARBOOK TEN controller with autoguider input
  • More than 270,000 stored celestial objects
  • Dimensions: 457 x 465 x 152 mm
  • Weight of equatorial head: 25 kg without counterweight


  • AXD2 mount
  • 7 kg and 1.5 kg counterweights
  • 12 V car battery cable
SpecificationsAXD2-PFL Mount
R.A. slow motion axis270-tooth full circle micro-movement gear, 135mm diameter, brass wheel
DEC slow motion axis216-tooth full circle micro-movement gear, 108mm diameter, brass wheel
Worm gears14mm diameter, brass
R.A. & DEC. axes50mm diameter, A7075 aluminium alloy
Number of bearings21 pieces (6x R.A axis, 4x DEC. axis, 2x R.A and DEC. worm gear shafts, 2x each for the R.A. and DEC. super gears, 3x for the R.A. setting circle)
Counterweight bar25mm in diameter, retractable
R.A. setting circle10 minutes increments (accurate to 1 minute)
DEC. setting circle2 increments (accurate to 10 minutes, about 0.167)
Polar axis scopeBuilt-in 6x20mm scope, FOV 8, bubble level, illuminated reticle, setting accuracy within 3 minutes
Drive motorStepping (Pulse) motors with 400PPS
SlewingMaximum 800x sidereal rate
Maximum payload30kg (66lb) (750kgs/cm torque load)
Power sourceDC12V 0.6 ~ 2.5A
Dimensions457 x 465 x 152mm
Weight25kg (55.1lb) without counterweight
Counterweight7kg (15.4lb) x 1pc, 1.5kg (3.3lb) x 1pc
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