Vixen SG-L02 Headlamp Red-Light White-Light

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The perfect LED head torch for nighttime observations!

Adjusting your eyes to the dark surroundings is very important when making astronomical observations.
In dark areas, it is very difficult to use astronomical equipment without a suitable light.
With normal lights, however, the light intensity is more important than protecting your eyes against bright light.
Using these lights at night makes your pupils contract, which can make it difficult for your eyes to readjust to the darkness.
The SG-L01, our first astronomy LED lamp, featured a built-in red LED that provided a solution to this problem.
However, the red light did not offer optimal visibility. On our new astronomy LED light, the SG-L02, the LED lights produce warm light to improve visibility.
They also ensure that your eyes stay adapted to the dark.
The LEDs do not emit light in the sensitive range of 555 nm.
The brightness of the white light can be adjusted between 3 and 42 lumen, while the red light can be adjusted between 0.28 and 7.62 lumen.


  • Dimmable red light ensures that your eyes stay adapted to the dark
  • Built-in rechargeable battery, charges via USB
  • Waterproof design
  • LED colour can be switched from red to white
  • 0.28 to 7.62 lumen for red light
  • 3 to 42 lumen for white light
  • Dimensions: 41 mm x 33 mm x 30 mm
  • Weight: 29 g


  • SG-L02 head torch
  • Strap (size S)
  • Strap (size L)
  • Pocket clip
  • Cable for charging the battery (USB-A plug to USB Micro-B plug)
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