Baader Glasspathcorrector (Glass Path Corrector for Binoviewer)

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Baader Planetarium

These Glasspathcorrectors are available with image amplifications of 1.25x, 1.7x and 2.6x. They are suitable for use with the Baader Maxbright and Mark V Großfeld Binocular viewer (insert diameter: ∅ 2″ – 50,8mm, incl. M48 filter thread)

The Glasspathcorrectors have the following optical path lengths:

  • 1.25 version : ≥ -30 mm
  • 1.7x version : ≥ -65 mm
  • 2.6x version : ≥ -120 mm

A Baader Glaspathcorrector® is not a Barlow lens. The reason for this name is only secondly the displacement of the focal point. It is primarily intended to correct the prismatic colour fringing that occurs in refractors due to the high amount of glasses used in binocular prisms.

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