Explore Scientific ED APO 102mm f/7 Essential Telescope

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Explore Scientific

Building on the success of the original Explore Scientific 102 Triplet Apo, Explore Scientific now release their best ever value 4-inch telescope: the Explore Scientific ED APO 102mm f/7 Essential.

The Essential series are "bare bones" versions of the Explore Scientific Apos - they still have the exquisite optics of the original triplets, including Japanese Hoya FCD1 Dense Fluorcrown and Explore's Special EMD™ enhanced multi-layer coatings on every optical surface for the utmost in colour-free performance and still have the high strength aluminium tubes, internal baffling systems and hyper-blackened edges for the ultimate in contrast. However, the Essential Series Triplets leave it up to you to provide Diagonals, Finders and other accessories - passing on the savings to you as a result.

The Explore Scientific ED APO 102mm f/7 Essential sports the new hybrid Rack and Pinion/Crayford Focusers from Explore featuring a dual focus locking system and a 10:1 dual speed focus control. In addition to this the optical tube assembly comes with Vixen-profile mounting bar and rings, featuring a handle with camera mounting rail.


  • Aperture: 102mm
  • Focal length: 712mm
  • Net weight 4.1kg w/o tube rings, 5kg including tube rings

Standard accessories:

  • Optical tube assembly with rings
  • Handle with camera mounting feature
  • Focuser with 10:1 reduction
  • The Explore ED102 Essential Edition telescope comes with a white aluminum tube with black accents. 
  • Explore Scientific Air-Spaced Apochromatic Triplets have true APO optic and are diffraction limited at .25PV or better
  • Genuine ED glass from Hoya Japan is used on all ED APO Triplets at Explore, for superb quality and light throughput
  • Enhanced Multi-Layer Coatings (EMD) are deposited on optical elements to boost contrast and eliminate light scatter; and contrast is further enhanced with the installation of matte black knife-edge baffles in the optical tube assembly. 
  • While refractors seldom require additional collimation after initial factory adjustment, the lens cell design allows for consumer collimation. Sending your ED102 Triplet off to the factory is always an option, but is not required. 
  • 102mm models come with a heavy-duty 2" dual-speed rotatable focuser, including 2 draw tube extensions.


  • Optical design Apochomatic Refractor
  • Maximum recommended magnification 200
  • ED glass
  • Mirror/Lens diam 102 mm
  • Focal length 714 mm
  • Angular resolution 1.3 arc seconds
  • Type of coating Enhanced Multilayer Desposition (EMD)
  • Width of image field width 24x36 mm receiver 2.9 degrees
  • Height of image field width 24x36 mm receiver 1.9 degrees
  • Mount Type Optics without Mount
  • Material OTA Aluminium
  • Focusing system 2" Rack-and-Pinion Focuser with helical gearing and 10:1 reduction
  • Colour white
  • Dust protection caps Dust protection caps for front lens and eyepiece holder
  • Ext. warranty after online registration* 10 Years
  • Net weight OTA (incl. accessories) 4.9 kg
  • Eyepiece Barrel Diameter 50.8 mm
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