Lunt LS230THaDS/B3400 H-alpha solar telescope

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  • Special telescope for observing the Sun
  • Bandwidth less than 0.5 Angstrom
  • 230mm aperture
  • 1610mm focal length
  • Electronic Pressure-Tuner controller

Please note: This telescope is made to customer specifications. Therefore special conditions apply for this telescope and online ordering is not possible. Please contact our customer service if you would like to order this telescope.

Complete H-alpha solar telescope with 230mm aperture and a bandwidth of <0.5 Angstroms. With Feather-Touch focuser, innovative air pressure tuning system and B3400 blocking filter.

A extremely large telescope for observing the Sun in H-alpha wavelength, a precisely adjusted refractor with a free aperture of 230mm without central obstruction and 1610mm focal length. The telescope is equipped as standard with a double-stack system, two internal Etalon filters with the innovative air pressure tuning system Pressure-Tuner achieve a bandwidth of <0.5 Angstroms. The Pressure-Tuner system ensures a homogeneous H-alpha image and optimal performance. The Etalons are safely installed inside the telescope. The air pressure tuning system is precisely controlled by an electronic pressure tuner controller.
Blocking Filter is the B3400. The B3400 is well suited for imaging the Sun. For visual observation we recommend an additional zenith mirror. The straight extension tube, in which the blocking filter is installed, is equipped as standard with a 2" eyepiece holder and also with an adapter for 1.25". Focusing is done by the legendary Feather-Touch focuser from Starlight-Instruments with 10:1 reduction.


  • Aperture: 230mm (no central obstruction)
  • Focal length: 1610mm
  • Bandwidth: 2 internal Etalons with <0.5 Angstroms
  • Tuning: Air-pressure tuning system
  • Electronic pressure tuner controller
  • Blocking filter: B3400 with 2" and 1.25" connection
  • Focuser: Feather-Touch focuser from Starlight-Instruments with 10:1 reduction
  • Two tube rings
  • Dovetail bar with Losmandy level for astronomical mounts
  • Weight: 35kg
  • Length: 165cm


  • LS230THa Double-Stack H-alpha solar telescope
  • 2x Pressure-Tuner
  • Electronic pressure tuner controller
  • B3400 blocking filter in straight extension tube
  • Feather-Touch focuser
  • Tube rings with dovetail bar (Losmandy level)
  • Manual


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