TS-Optics 23mm 1.25" Illuminated Crosshair Eyepiece

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This crosshair eyepiece offers a highly comfortable view and is ideal for construction of finder scopes, but can also be used for manual guiding of astro images.

APM Illuminator for reticle eyepieces
These eyepieces have thin crosshairs which does not impair the view, but still can be seen against the (usually) slightly brightened sky.
If the sky is really dark, it is difficult to see the reticle, so it has to be weakly illuminated. For this purpose, the illuminator was developed.
Red light glares less in the night and can be dimmed, too. Power is supplied by button cells, eliminating a cable which can tangle.

  • Focal length: 23 mm
  • Barrel size: 1.25" (without filter thread)
  • Apparent FOV: 55°
  • Integrated focusing mechanism - this allows for optimal focusing of the crosshairs
  • Comfortable view - the 22 mm eye relief makes this eyepiece usable for wearers of glasses, the rubber eyecup can be folded down
  • The crosshair is prepared for illumination.


Focal length: 23 mm
Eye relief: 22 mm (particularly comfortable view - suitable for glasses wearer)
FOV: Apparent field of view is 55°
Crosshairs: Laser-engraved
Tube diameter: 1.25" (without filter thread)
Coating: Full multi-coating
Rubber eyecup: foldable if you wear glasses
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