TS-Optics Piggyback Camera Holder for D=20 mm Counterweight Shafts

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Teleskop Service

Telepak - intelligent attachment of accessories to your equatorial mount

With the TelePak you can easily attach a telephoto lens or even a small telescope to the end of the counterweight rod. Fixing to the counterweight rod is done using 2x M6 headless screws.

In this way you reduce the weight at the telescope side and increase the stability of the mount. Now guide scopes or telephoto lenses or simply a second telescope can be attached to the mount instead of heavy counterweights.

The TelePak Motto:

The TelePak provides a mounting platform at the end of the counterweight shaft hith which you can use your mount optimally. You can also use a wide-angle lens for imaging without the telescope protruding into the field of view. Thus piggyback astrophotography becomes possible with short focal-length lenses and even wide-angle lenses. You can find suitable dovetail bars under "recommended accessories".

The TelePak1 fits to many German Equatorial Mounts

It makes sense that the bar also turns when you adjust the declination. TelePak1 fits to all mounts with 18 mm or 20 mm counterweight rods, for example:
  • Celestron Advanced VX (AVX) CGEM, …
  • Skywatcher EQM-35, EQ5, H-EQ5, AZ-EQ5, EQ6, …
  • Bresser/ES EXOS, Mon1, Mon2
  • iOptron mounts with D=20 mm counterweight rods
  • Orion SkyView
  • Vixen mounts with D=20 mm counterweight rods

Suitable for: Counterweight bars D=18-20 mm
Saddle plate for: EQ5/GP style dovetail bars

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